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Band Program

Music gives a soul to the universe,

wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination,

and life to everything." – Plato

The North Sydney Demonstration School (NSDS) Band Program invites all students in years 3 – 6 to join the Band program.There are three bands in the school, providing an opportunity for a range of skills.Membership of a band is based on musical skill level and not school year level.


  • Junior Band: This band is for students with little or no prior instrumental training and is the starting point for students joining the band program. (Students are mostly in Years 3 or 4 but students from Years 5 and 6 are also welcome to join)

  • Intermediate Band: Students generally progress to this band after a year of playing with Junior Band. (Students are mostly from Years 4 or 5)

  • Senior Band:  Students generally progress to this Band after playing in the Intermediate Band for a year. Students require an appropriate level of musicianship to be offered a place in this band. (Students are mostly from Years 5 or 6).



Junior Band Friday 7:45- 8:50am

Intermediate Band  Wednesday 7:45- 8:50am

Senior Band  Thursday 7:45- 8:50am

Being part of a band is a wonderful opportunity for all students and no prior experience is needed to join the Junior Band. During their time in band, students will learn to play an instrument, read music, develop an appreciation and understanding of a wide range of musical styles and be given many performance opportunities. The many skills they learn (such as increased concentration and self discipline) carry over into all parts of their lives.


To ensure the success of our three bands at NSDS, it is important to view band membership as a long term commitment. Students will progress from the Junior Band to Intermediate Band and then to the Senior Band. Learning an instrument is not an activity which can be done on and off.


All band members are expected to:


  • Commit to the band for a minimum of one year as they are making a commitment to themselves and the band.

  • Attend all lessons and rehearsals on time.

  • Attend all performances and the annual band camp.

  • Demonstrate a high level of self-discipline. They must respect the Conductor, have good listening skills and show respect to their fellow band members.

  • Behave appropriately at all times. Inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted with the School Discipline Policy applying to the Band Program.

  • Sit quietly and listen to other band members playing at times when others are practising or performing.

  • Practise regularly and prepare for each rehearsal and tutorial.

  • Assist with the setting up and packing up of ensemble equipment.


Band members may use their own instrument or hire instruments through Directions in Music.

Percussion, keyboard & amps will remain at school for use, with a usage charge of $100 ($40 is non-refundable). NOTE: All percussionists and keyboard players are charged a usage fee to help us cover the cost of keeping these instruments and amplifiers in sound working order and repairing /replacing when required.


In addition to the weekly rehearsals, all students involved in the Band Program must undertake a weekly private lesson.

The students need specialist instruction on the complexities of their instruments in a one to one situation to ensure that they are learning the correct technique. Each instrument has particular requirements that can only be taught by an experienced tutor who plays that same instrument.

Directions In Music run a tutorial program for our band students on NSDS school grounds and generally occur before or after school. To find out more about the tutorial program Directions in Music offer please visit their website


NSDS has contracted Directions in Music (DIM) a company run by Phil Molloy to work as the Band Director for our Band program. DIM's role is to develop the students' musical skills through rehearsals, performances, tutorials, the band camp and a range of other activities and functions throughout the year.

DIM appoints Conductors for each band and runs a tutorial program for our students (each position is held by professional musicians who are screened by DIM). An NSDS teacher acts as band coordinator to support students, parents and liaise with DIM.    



For any rehearsal or tutorial contact Directions in Music on: 


Phone: 9662 2211