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Note:  The tuckshop is only open for lunch orders at the current time.  Students are not able to purchase food during powerbreak.


The school's Tuckshop is open five days a week and provides nutritious and appetising food for students at recess and lunch. The school Tuckshop has a commitment to serving healthy food. To support all children's wellbeing the Tuckshop is 'nut free'. Children with severe allergies should inform the school and the Tuckshop.

HOT FOOD for lunch is required to be purchased using the online ordering system, MunchMonitor.

All other food items and drinks can be ordered either by using MunchMonitor or via a paper bag.  Please see details below for making a lunch order.

Tuckshop Menu

Student lunch orders can be placed in two ways:

Option One : You can order your child's lunch online up to four weeks in advance.

Go to:

Enter the username  nsds  and

Enter the password  munch2060

then click to sign up. There is a minimal charge per family per term for ordering online.

Option Two : Students can order their lunch by placing a clearly labeled paper bag (money amount, name, class and lunch order) into the classroom lunch order box.

Lunches may be ordered every day except the last day of each term or otherwise notified.

Recess Food and Snacks

The tuckshop is currently CLOSED at breaks.

For recess food and snacks, the students can go to the Tuckshop and purchase what they need themselves.

P & C Association

Volunteers are not currently allowed in the Tuckshop during COVID-19 restrictions.

The Tuckshop operates under the auspices of the P & C Association and whilst there are supervisors, the success of the Tuckshop depends greatly on volunteer parents assisting in the Tuckshop.  Volunteers to help in the tuckshop are always welcome, and we are asking for volunteers who can assist on a regular basis between the hours of 9am - 12noon.  Please email Martin, Craig or Karin at

Tuckshop Procedures

  • Please write the student's name, class, lunch order and the cost of the lunch on a bag large enough to hold the lunch.
  • Please use a separate bag for each student.
  • If a bag is not provided, an additional charge of 10 cents is added to the lunch order.
  • Place the correct money in the bag.
  • If you do not have the correct money, change will be placed in a small plastic pouch in the bag with your child's lunch. Please note that any change given is the responsibility of your child.
  • All orders are to be placed in the class lunch order tray in the child's classroom.
  • From time to time, the food ordered may not be available. If this happens, a close alternative will be provided.
  • If your child has any allergies or strong dislikes, it is advisable that you write this on the bag.
  • Frozen foods will not be placed in the lunch order bag. Students should come to the Tuckshop at lunchtime to collect frozen food items.
  • If your child forgets his or her lunch, the Tuckshop will provide them with a lunch order.
  • A note informing you of the cost of the lunch will be sent home. In order to keep costs down for all members of the school community, please assist us by settling this account as soon as possible.

Please note : No credit will be given for snack foods.

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