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New Mathematics Syllabus

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), in collaboration with states and territories, has developed an agreed Australian curriculum for Mathematics including content statements that represent essential learning for all Australian students.

In NSW, the Board of Studies has worked closely with teachers and key education stakeholders to develop syllabuses that include the Australian curriculum content and further detail that clarifies learning. As a result of this work, Kindergarten to Year 10 syllabuses provide direction to ensure greater consistency between NSW schools.

When will the new Mathematics syllabus for K–6 be taught?

It is optional to begin teaching the new Mathematics syllabus in 2014, so this year we are beginning to implement the new outcomes and content with a view to programming fully from the new syllabus next year. This will include reporting student achievement against new syllabus outcomes in the new strands from next year.

The content in the new Mathematics syllabus is organised under 3 new strands, with Working Mathematically having acentral role:

  • Number and Algebra, eg whole numbers and fractions and decimals
  • Measurement and Geometry, eg length, area and time
  • Statistics and Probability, eg data and chance.

Current Initiatives at NSDS

This term, all teaching staff at NSDS will undertake an Action Learning Project run by the Mathematics committee. Teachers will work with the Action Learning Team to understand the new Mathematics syllabus and identify changes.Teachers will work collaboratively in grade groups to plan, differentiate and and create effective lesson sequences using a range of quality teaching strategies, resources and explicit mathematical language. The aim is for teachers to complete the action learning and draw on all of these aspects of a quality maths program to inform their planning for next term. Teachers will embed these strategies and pedagogy into future planning in order to cater for the needs of their class and maximise student outcomes. 

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