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What is the DEC Information Process (ISP)?

The information process is the series of physical and intellectual steps that anyone takes to complete an information task. Each step usually requires the use of several information skills. This process is generally a part of learning and problem-solving inside and outside the school.

At the Dem's library, as well as utilising the DEC ISP model to enable our students to select books for borrowing (Define, Locate and Select), we also teach our students this model to research for their classroom projects, leisure pursuits and other information literacy activities.

Community members like parents and carers can play an important part in supporting students' understanding and development of information skills. Community members can:

  • take part in whole school activities focusing on information skills which involve parents/community
  • be involved in school library fundraising and the selection of library resources, where appropriate
  • demonstrate and discuss how information is found and used e.g. show how information is found and used in the purchase of a new appliance or electronic device for the home or in the choice of a holiday destination
  • involve the student in information tasks and decision making which arise in the home, work experience program, sporting teams, etc.
  • encourage the critical discussion of information encountered outside the school in terms of credibility, bias and other characteristics
  • take an active interest in the information tasks undertaken by the student at school by promoting the information process steps information skills process.